Why Do You Need Shop Towels?

When cleaning and organizing your shop, even the best cleaning products can come short when you use the wrong material to clean with. It is crucial that you work with the right shop towels that best sanitize, disinfect, and clean your shop. From wipers to heavy-duty towels, we will answer the question, “Why do you need shop towels,” by exploring common shop towel uses and popular towel products.

Why Do You Need Shop Towels?

For those concerned with cost or convenience in comparison with store-bought paper towel brands, they may ask, “How does using shop towels make a difference?” Below, we explore four reasons why you need shop towels to replace traditional paper towel products.

#1. Ensuring Proper Anti-Viral and Sanitation Cleaning

After allergy season, flu season, and a global health crisis such as the Coronavirus, every business and organization put sanitation and anti-viral cleaning at the forefront of their operations. As a result, the auto industry’s daily cleaning schedules intensified to better sanitize shop surfaces and kill any potential viruses. It’s crucial that you use the best shop towels for optimal anti-viral and sanitation cleaning.

Without a second thought, people often purchase regular, kitchen paper towels to use in their shop. However, because the thin material quickly dissolves or breaks apart after a single wipe, many adapt by pulling multiple sheets in place of one or two.

Alternatively, if your shop purchased heavy-duty paper towels to clean your shop, you can rely on a single sheet or two to clean your mess. Additionally, the thicker paper material effectively sanitizes and removes viruses without leaving a trail of residue behind. Therefore, your cleaning routine is more thorough!

#2. Keeping Your Shop Costs Low

Whether you are experiencing financial success or a temporary hardship, it is important to create cost-efficient operations wherever possible. Therefore, by using shop paper towels in place of cheap, ordinary paper towels, you can easily lower your monthly expenses! More absorbent and effective with various spills and messes, a single shop towel offers the same absorbency levels as 5 to 10 traditional paper towels. Therefore, by working with fewer shop towels to clean surfaces, you will not have to replenish your towel supply as often. That is one simple way to lower your overall budget!

#3. Wiping Oil and Grease Stains Effectively

While main-brand paper towel products claim to be the “quilted, quicker-picker-upper,” traditional paper towel products are not made to clean auto oil or grease. However, high-quality shop towels are made for that very purpose. 

#4. Cleaning Glass and Surfaces Streak-Free

When using everyday paper towels, have you ever noticed a trail of small fibers when trying to clean glass or another smooth surface? While cleaning or detailing a vehicle in your shop, leaving windows covered in paper towel fibers reveals an inefficient cleaning job and could result in a dissatisfied customer. However, by using industrial, shop paper towels and cloth rags, you can guarantee a streak-free surface without left-behind fibers.

6 Common Shop Towel Types

Cheap, traditional paper towels or cloth rags fail to work for any cleaning job in an auto shop. But, shop towels offer a greater variety for multiple needs and uses. An example of shop towel products and materials include:

DRC Wipers

The most common shop towel type is a DRC (Double Re-Crepe) wipers. These are disposable wipers that offer strength and durability even when wet. Highly absorbent, this versatile shop towel is also ideal for effectively cleaning oil, grease, and other general shop cleaning applications.

Airlaid Wipers

Like DRC wipers, Airlaid wipers deliver a higher durability when cleaning liquids. Offered as a flat pack or centerpull roll, this shop towel product works for any application with ready-to-use design and functionality.

Scrim Wipers

As an effective and efficient low-cost solution, scrim wipers work best for glass, mirror, and other smooth surface cleaning tasks. This lightweight towel easily adapts for use at fuel stations while examining fluid levels or when needing to wipe your hands clean after working on a project.

Proknit Wipers

Made of hydro-entangled, non-woven materials, proknit wipers and flat sheets replace traditional shop towels in low-lint applications. Durable in harsh environments, these wipers work well on multiple surface types, including those with solvents present.

Spunlace Wipers

A product that leaves little to no lint, spunlace wipers are exceedingly strong and work effectively in both wet and dry applications. These products work perfectly for scrubbing, cleaning rough surfaces, and sanitizing areas with solvents present. 

Water Weave Wipers

Also ideal for wiping in low-lint environments, water weave wipers hold up to harsh solvents, rough surfaces, or other heavy-duty applications.

5 High-Quality Shop Towel Products

Below, we explore five specific shop towel products designed for any shop cleaning application.

#1. Flat Pack DRC Wiper Sheets

Are you looking for a convenient cleaning towel that can clean a large mess with one sheet? Naturally made, Flat Pack DRC Wiper Sheets are the perfect multi-purpose wipers for any messy application. These pre-cut sheets easily stack and are great to keep on the workbench, in your toolbox, or even in your vehicle.

Highly absorbent and heavy-duty, these wipers are excellent for cleaning glass, mirrors, and many other smooth, glossy surfaces. Each case contains approximately 1,200 sheets and totals at approximately 3 cents per sheet. As a result, one purchase of these wiper sheets can not only effectively clean over 1,000 spills and messes but also lower your cleaning budget!

#2. The DRC Jumbo Roll

Are you looking for a heavy-duty upgrade that is effective in the automotive, industrial, or farm industry? Consider the high-capacity DRC jumbo roll’s 600 perforated sheets to quickly and effectively absorb liquids, oils, and lubricants.

A single sheet is strong enough to use as a general automotive maintenance wipe. Therefore, your supply lasts longer, even with a continual wiping and cleaning routine.

#3. Universal Absorbent Pads

Heavy-weight, universal absorbent pads are ideal for MRO spill control applications. Its quilted, dimpled design allows the pad to soak up liquids and spills quickly and effectively.

Additionally, the universal absorbent pads maintain their shape, even when entirely saturated in water-based fluids, aggressive chemicals, acetone, oils, coolants, and hydraulic fluids.

#4. The Airlaid Center Pull

If desiring a similar paper towel product to those you purchase at home improvement stores, the Airlaid Center Pull may be your best match. Effective and low-cost, this effective shop towel makes cleaning and disinfecting your shop effortless with an easy-to-use center pull design.

Airlaid center pull towels work best when cleaning up common messes and are ideal for changing oil, simply cleaning the garage or shop, refilling fluids, and general maintenance.

#5. DRC Centerpull Roll Towel

Custom made, this super-soft material provides excellent strength, all with a cloth-like feel. As a result, this serves as a great centerpull shop towel refill.  

The DRC centerpull roll towel's material offers great liquid absorption and will not break apart even when wet or after cleaning chemicals and solvents. This product leaves little to no lint residue, especially on smooth surfaces.

High-Quality Shop Towels with Discount Shop Towels

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