Best Towels for Oil and Grease

When you are cleaning and organizing your shop and workspace, sometimes it doesn’t matter what cleaning brands you use. When you use the wrong towel, you can’t get that spotless finish you’re looking for. Especially with COVID-19 regulations, you have to work with the best shop towels to best sanitize, disinfect, and clean your shop – especially when it comes to oil and grease.

Here are five freakin’ awesome options for your shop that clean oil and grease that are proven to work better than ordinary paper towels.

#1. The DRC Jumbo Roll

While main-brand paper towels claim to be the “quilted, quicker-picker-upper,” they can’t really clean auto oil or grease. However, high-quality shop towels are made for that very reason. 

Are you looking for a heavy-duty upgrade that actually cleans your shop? Take a look at the high-capacity, DRC jumbo roll, 600 perforated sheets that quickly and effectively absorb liquids, oils, grease, and lubricants.

A single sheet is strong enough to use as a general maintenance wipe. As a result, your supply lasts longer, even with a continual wiping and cleaning routine.

#2. Flat Pack DRC Wiper Sheets

Are you looking for a convenient cleaning towel that can take care of a large mess with a single sheet? Made without dyes or bleach, the natural Flat Pack DRC Wiper Sheets are multi-purpose wipers, perfect for any size mess. These pre-cut sheets can easily stack on top of each other and are great to keep on the workbench, in your toolbox, or even your truck.

Heavy-duty and great for soaking up oil spills, these wipers are perfect for cleaning glass, mirrors, and other smooth, glossy surfaces. Also, you can apply these large wipers to clean tools, parts, or even your workstation.

Each case contains roughly 1,200 sheets and costs about 3 cents per sheet. Boom! One purchase of these wiper sheets can clean over 1,000 spills and lower your cleaning budget!

#3. DRC Centerpull Roll Towel

Custom made, this super-soft material is highly durable yet has a cloth-like feel. These shop towels are great for centerpull refills.  

The DRC centerpull roll towel's material offers great liquid absorption and will not dissolve when wet or after cleaning chemicals and solvents. This product leaves behind little to no lint trails, especially on smooth surfaces.

#4. Orange Peels Plus Shop Wipes

Some auto shops and industrial businesses use shop wipes instead of shop towels when cleaning oil and grease. As the ultimate way to clean any and all traces of oil and grease, Orange Peels Plus comes with a new and improved powerful formula that is ready to get working.

These multi-purpose wet wipes are ready to drop into existing canisters and have a powerful orange formula that quickly cuts through oil-based stain, grease, oil, paint, sealant, tar, wax, epoxy, dirt, grime, and most graffiti. This stronger formula will also clean hands, metals, laminates, fiberglass, machinery, and tools. 

#5. Heavy-Duty DRC Blue Checkered Towel Bundles

Do you sometimes forget to clean oil or grease stains in your shop? Have you noticed a buildup of oil or grease? Heavy-duty, high-quality shop towels are the perfect answer!

The ¼ fold Heavy-Duty DRC material tears less and is engineered for a deeper clean. This product works well to clean up grease, oil, and other general spills that are harder to remove.

2 Shop Towels for Large Oil and Grease Spills and Messes

Do you see large oil and grease spills in your shop or warehouse from time to time? If so, it can feel wasteful to keep buying products that won’t clean spills without using multiple sheets. Below, we explore two shop towel products that are specifically used for this application.

#1. Universal Absorbent Pads

Heavy-weight, universal absorbent pads are stellar for MRO spill control applications. Its quilted, dimpled design quickly soaks up liquids and spills for a clean finish.

Also, the universal absorbent pads keep their shape, even when entirely soaked in water-based fluids, aggressive chemicals, acetone, oils, coolants, and hydraulic fluids.

#2. Oil Only Absorbent Pads

Different from the universal absorbent pads, oil only absorbent pads are made to specifically soak up oils while not absorbing water. Another benefit is that it easily absorbs any oil or hydrocarbon, whether drawn from land/surfaces or even water!

For best results, use the center perforation for a customized fit in tight areas and place the pad under oil leads around machines. Doing so helps keep your workshop area safe and floors non-slip. Each case of 100 pads will effectively absorb up to 35 gallons of oil or grease.

Stock Your Shop with Discount Shop Towels

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