Are you unsure which material type is best for your shop application? We created a guide to help you learn which material is best for each application. Make sure to ask about our starter kit which offers multiple material types for general testing.

The Most Important Question

When deciding which material is right for your shop, always answer the question: "What is the application you will be using the towel for?"


Based on this question, your answer will most likely fall into one of the following four categories: Wiping, Cleaning, Surface Preparation, and Sanitizing


Below are the common wiper material types, each can come packaged in rolls, sheets, and pop-up dispensers.  

DRC Wipers

DRC (Double Re-Crepe) is cellulose based, disposable wiper material that can provide excellent strength when wet, lasting durability, while being absorbent.  DRC wipers are very soft and easy on skin. Ideal applications include oil, grease, general cleaning. Very versatile towel that is priced moderately for general applications. Most common towel we get asked for.

Airlaid Wipers

Airlaid is similar to a DRC towel however the main difference is the integration of the binder material with the cellulose pulp. This creates a higher wet strength however the feel of the towel is more coarse and poor wipe-dry in comparison to DRC.

Scrim Wipers

Single-use and low cost option for general applications. Commonly used for cleaning of glass, mirrors, or other smooth surfaces. Light weight towel also used at fuel stations for checking fluid levels or as hand wipes outside.  

Pro-knit Wipers

Pro-knit is a variety of hydro-entangled non-woven material that can replace traditional shop towels when low lint in desired. Great for applications where solvents may be present. This material has excellent wet strength and will hold up in harsh environments.  

Spunlace Wipers

Spunlace typically is considered a low to no-lint type material. It is very strong and holds up well in both wet and dry applications. Great for scrubbing and cleaning rough surfaces, even those with solvents present.  

Water Weave Wipers

Low-lint is the key here. Ideal towel material for wiping in low-lint environments.  Holds up to harsh solvents, rough surfaces, or other heavy duty applications.

Let Our Discount Shop Towel Experts Help!

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