You already know how easy our bulk shop towels make clean-up. Now you can make the management of your inventory just as straightforward and simple by setting up recurring shipments with Discount Shop Towels.

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Paper Towel Subscription - Recurring Shipments from Discount Shop Towels

Running out of towels creates unnecessary headaches and increases your costs when you need to expedite a shipment or run to a local store. Free up time to focus on your business and turn over the management of your inventory to! Just tell us what you need, and how often you need it; we’ll handle the rest.

How Does it Work?

Simply email to get started. We will collect information on your desired products, quantity, frequency, and secure payment info. Setting up regularly scheduled deliveries can also save you an extra 5% off every purchase!

Can I Skip a Delivery or Cancel Recurring Shipments Easily?

Before every delivery, our team will send you an email reminder which shows the total cost and any applicable discounts for your upcoming order. If you’d like to change your quantity, skip a delivery, or cancel completely, just reply to the reminder email, or send one of your own, and we will adjust accordingly.

NOTE: You can cancel or update your subscription at any time up to 2 days prior to scheduled shipments.

Will My Order Costs Ever Change?

Depending on the current market price, the cost of your orders may fluctuate from delivery to delivery. We strive to hold prices as steady as possible but may occasionally need to adjust to match the market value.

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