Anti-Viral and Sanitation Shop Towels

Whether you are facing a global pandemic or are looking to follow the best cleaning and sanitation methods, evaluate the current towels you use. Regardless of how thorough your cleaning solution may be, ineffective wipes and towels nullify your best efforts. In the content below, we explain the necessity behind regularly sanitizing your shop and explore three of the best shop towels for anti-viral and sanitation cleaning.

Why Your Shop Should Regularly Clean and Sanitize

Regardless of an allergy season, the flu season, and the Coronavirus, you should always clean your shop’s surfaces on a regular basis and kill viruses. Below, we explain two reasons supporting why your shop should regularly clean and sanitize its workstations.  

It Reduces the Surface Area in Which a Virus can Spread

When trying to prevent a virus from spreading in your shop, the most hygienic solution is to reduce the surface area in which it can spread. Therefore, to have a more effective cleaning and disinfecting routine, utilize disposable shop wipes and paper towels in lieu of keeping a cleaning rag in use.

To reduce the risk of spreading a virus in your shop, paper towels prove more sanitary than cloth towels as they adhere to a one-time use. Although cloth towels can have a greater absorbance and durability when cleaning heavy spills, it’s impossible to detect how many viruses lie on the material surface. Therefore, you could easily and mistakenly cross-contaminate a cloth full of germs with a clean surface.

Unlike seeing a rag saturated with oil after wiping a spill, there is no indicator when a cloth towel is “full” of a virus. Therefore, wiping with paper towels and immediately disposing them after promotes the reduction of its effect.

It Reduces the Need to Purchase Expensive Disinfectant Wipes

Especially when considering the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for disinfectant wipes and a list of other supplies is vastly greater than the current supply. However, by regularly maintaining your shop with daily and weekly cleaning tasks, you no longer need to constantly purchase expensive cleaning products and equipment. Therefore, to prevent spending more for disinfectant wipes, utilize heavy-duty, paper shop towels are ideal for a cost-effective cleaning solution.

The 3 Best Shop Towels for Anti-Viral and Sanitation Cleaning

As a common solution, many people purchase regular, kitchen paper towels to use in their shop. However, with a thin material that quickly deteriorates after a single wipe, many accommodate by pulling multiple sheets at a time in place of one or two per application. However, if your shop purchased thicker and heavy-duty paper towels to clean your shop, you can rely on a single sheet or two to clean your mess.

As a result, your cleaning routine is not only more thorough, but you also end up saving money on paper towels. Below, we explore three products that effectively clean, sanitize, and remove the virus from your shop.

#1. Flat Pack DRC Wiper Sheets

Are you looking for a convenient cleaning towel that can clean a large mess with one sheet? Made without dyes or bleach, the natural Flat Pack DRC Wiper Sheets are multi-purpose wipers that are perfect for any messy application. These pre-cut sheets easily stack and are great to keep on the workbench, in your toolbox, or even in your vehicle.

Highly absorbent and heavy-duty, these wipers are excellent for cleaning glass, mirrors, and many other smooth, glossy surfaces. Additionally, you can apply these large wipers to clean tools, parts, or even your workstation.

Each case contains approximately 1,200 sheets and totals at approximately 3 cents per sheet. As a result, one purchase of these wiper sheets can not only effectively clean over 1,000 spills and messes but also lower your cleaning budget!

#2. The DRC Jumbo Roll

Are you looking for a heavy-duty upgrade for your automotive, industrial, or farm applications? Consider the high capacity DRC jumbo roll in which you will receive 600 perforated sheets that quickly and effectively absorbs liquid, oil, or lubricants.

A single sheet is strong enough to use as a general automotive maintenance wipe. Therefore, you won’t be running out of supply as often, even with a continual wiping and cleaning routine.

#3. The Airlaid Center Pull

If desiring a similar paper towel product to those you purchase at home improvement stores, the Airlaid Center Pull may be your best match. More effective and in greater quantity than store brands, this is an effective, low cost roll.

Airlaid center pull towels effortlessly wipe up common messes and is ideal for changing oil, simply cleaning the garage or shop, refilling fluids, and general maintenance. As a result, this center pull towel effectively and efficiently keeps your shop cleaned and disinfected.

With each case purchase, you receive six rolls each containing 225 perforated sheets, totaling at 1,350 paper towel sheets. Additionally, this paper towel style offers an easy accessibility with its center pull dispenser.

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