Why Buy Wholesale Towels

You know firsthand how busy (and messy) business gets, and we’ve got a solution for both: wholesale towels. Buying wholesale can pose a huge advantage for several different reasons, including but not limited to productivity, cost, and labor. In this blog post, we’ll cover why buying wholesale towels is a great idea for your business needs.

Buying Wholesale Towels: Assessing Your Business Needs

Whether you own or operate a public gym, mechanic shop, athletic training facility, auto shop, restaurant, hair salon, or work in the comfort of your home garage, there is little that towels can’t help you with.

Messes and spills are inevitable in the hustle and bustle of daily operating hours. You need quick, efficient solutions to your inconvenient hiccups, no matter the size. Before you can make the best purchase for your business, you should consider a few things:

  • The types of towels of the market,
  • What towel size is right for you, and
  • How towel appearance plays a role in your operation.

Towel Types Available for Wholesale

Before buying wholesale towels, it’s best to get acquainted with the various types of towels on the market, and how each one best achieves easy cleanup.


Among one of the most popular choices falls the microfiber towel. Tiny fibers construct most microfiber towels that make cleanup easy and effective. These fibers provide more surfaces to trap dust, dirt, and bacteria. Microfibers are lightweight, soft, and machine washable for frequent use— their longevity makes them a top choice for many business owners.

Cloth Rags

Cloth rags are another solid choice for buying wholesale towels for your business. They are reusable, therefore more sustainable than single-use products. Cloth rags are excellent for keeping on hand to wipe up dirt, oil, and other liquids. They’re a versatile option that works well for many industries.

Roll Towels

Roll towels are a cost-effective choice to insert into a towel cabinet dispenser to make light work of absorbing liquids or drying off hands. Oftentimes, the dispenser controls the amount of roll towel a person can take, making it the more sustainable option versus something like a folded towel.

Folded Towels

In contrast to roll towels, folded towels require more sheets in order to dry hands or absorb liquids, but they’re extremely easy to keep around workstations and take up minimal room. When messes strike, it’s convenient to grab a stack of folded towels to get the job done.

Now that you’ve taken a peek at a few (among many) towel types your business could choose from, it’s now time to consider the size of the towels you may need.

Considering Towel Size

When considering which towel size best fits your cleaning needs, consider three different aspects: dimension, thickness, and weight.

Based on the material, towel dimensions could range from one towel to the next. Should you buy wholesale towels that are hand-sized for convenience, like folded towels, or larger options to cover more dirty surfaces, like cloth rags?

The towel thickness and weight will also contribute to your wholesale purchase. For heavy-duty messes, like sticky oils and caked-on dirt, a thicker microfiber towel could work wonders. For a light hand drying or minor cleanup, something like a lightweight, thin roll towel or cloth rag gets the job done just as well.

Efficiency vs Appearance

Are you running an auto shop where messes are a given? Or do you own a hair salon where a mess or spill could potentially wreak havoc on your day? Your business industry can significantly influence your wholesale towel purchase.

For places where appearances and aesthetic play a key role in your day-to-day operations, like a fitness center or hair salon, opt for a simple, white towel with minimal branding. In auto shops, mechanic shops, restaurants, or industrial settings, the look of your towel seldom matters— just the efficiency.

Why Buy Wholesale Towels? Top 3 Benefits

Wholesale towels are a simple way to manage messes around your business, no matter the kind of towel you choose. They make cleanup effortless— just as easy as it is to get dirty in the first place!

You should buy wholesale towels for the following reasons:

  • Bulk Quantity
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Reduced Labor

Bulk Quantity

One of the best reasons to buy wholesale towels is to have access to bulk quantities. Large quantities give business owners peace of mind that they have enough towels to last them through busy rushes over the span of a few months (or longer).


We’ve all made purchases that prompted the phrase, “C’mon, you can’t beat the price!” Buying wholesale towels will warrant the same expression! When you purchase wholesale towels, you’ll receive lower rates than purchasing individual sets from distributors. This is especially beneficial for industries that require towels in excess, like health and fitness or hospitality industries, to save money in the long run.

Reduced Labor

When you buy wholesale, the bulk quantity means the less often you’ll need to restock towels or wash reusable rags! Reducing the labor required in caring for the towels also means your employees can focus more on doing a job well done in other aspects of the business. You won’t waste any more money, time, or energy, on restocking or washing.

There are plenty of other ways buying wholesale towels can positively benefit your business. By discovering some of the most notable reasons, you’re able to make the most well-informed decision for your customers, employees, and business.

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