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If you own a business or shop, you know that each expense spared can be the difference in profit versus loss. However, essentials cannot be dismissed in lieu of cutting corners, and one thing your shop will always need are paper towels. Keeping up with cleaning and sanitation is an important need of any business and saving costs on essentials such as paper towels can be vital to success. Multifold paper towels are commonly found in bathrooms to dry your hands or can be used for any other janitorial task. Economical and convenient, multifold paper towels are a staple for any shop or business. As an unavoidable purchase, buying these towels in bulk from a reliable vendor will save your shop loads of money and hassle. Discount Shop Towels provide wholesale multifold towels in cases at a time. If you are still not sold on why multifold paper towels are important to purchase in large quantities at a time, keep reading.

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Bulk Quantity

People look to wholesale sellers to purchase large quantities at once. Normal retailers often are not capable of providing large orders that businesses need. Nothing is worse than not having a method to dry your hands or quickly spot clean your workstation. These situations could create a messy or unsanitary environment that will especially affect a customer's experience in a negative way. Having towels on hand you can restock gives owners one less thing to worry about when business is at its busiest. If you find your shop constantly must repurchase multifold towels, imagine the money you waste by not buying in bulk. Bulk quantities means cheaper unit prices. Discount Shop Towels sells sixteen bundles of multifold paper towels with 250 sheets each at a time. That's 4,000 sheets in total!

Less Labor, More Time

Buying in bulk means sparing you trips to restock. Better yet, Discount Shop Towels even offers monthly auto-shipping so they can take away the responsibility of having to set up constant reminders to reorder. With multifold paper towels, your business does not have to worry about the costs of washing reusable towels or setting up and maintaining electric hand driers. Focus more of your time on the parts of the job that create income and less on the parts that hinder it.

Wholesale Quality

It is time to dispel the belief that wholesale products mean inferior products. Wholesalers have the ability to offer discounted prices for their orders since products are purchased in large quantities, not because of any known defects. If environmental concerns of paper towels factor into your decision, you can rest easier knowing that brown paper towels are made from recycled material and are compostable.

Welcome the benefits and cost savings to your shop without sacrificing time and cleaning power.

Discount Shop Towel’s Unmatched Services & Customer Experience

Now that you have seen the cost and time benefits of purchasing in bulk, let us see how buying from your favorite wholesaler, Discount Shop Towels, can continue to offer more ways to save your business money. DST is a family-owned business that wants to help your shop stay clean. DST offers a secure and easy way to complete your orders with friendly customer service and a centrally located facility to ship your towels faster.

Monthly Auto-Ship

Ordering just got a whole lot easier. DST offers a monthly auto-ship to your business or home, so you do not have to worry about dropping what you are doing just to take inventory of items. Let your monthly shipment prevent that emergency run to the store to buy similar towels at a much higher rate. Ask a member of our customer service staff and sign up to save 5% on every purchase!

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With our combination of products and services, we are confident you will achieve and maintain cleanliness in and around your workspace.

Contact us today if you are ready to buy shop towels in bulk or if you are interested in learning more about our products and services highlighted above!

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