Wholesale Shop Towels – Saving Your Business Money & Hassle

Garages, auto shops, home workshops, and more – if your industry or hobby makes big messes, you need towels that make clean up easy. While it can be costly to constantly replenish your stock of towels, there’s a better option out there - wholesale towels. This cost-effective solution can be used to save money without sacrificing cleaning power. From fitness centers and hospitals to businesses and mechanic garages – your business can benefit from purchasing wholesale towel quantities. Continue reading to learn more or view our products now.


The ability to purchase bulk quantities all at once is one of the most frequent reasons people choose to shop wholesale. Often, retail stores are incapable of consistently fulfilling the large quantity orders many businesses need to keep in stock. If you find yourself constantly needing to purchase new towels, wholesale quantities at reasonable prices can provide a solution that will keep your business running smoothly.


Along with high quantities come reduced prices. Wholesalers often offer extremely discounted rates when you purchase in bulk, a deal that many traditional retailers or distributors can’t match. For businesses that consistently require large quantities of towels, this can mean the difference between getting the towels you need or not. For this reason, buying towels wholesale can be hugely beneficial for garages or facilities that need large quantities of towels for a price that falls within their budget.


One common misconception wholesale towels can’t seem to shake is the notion that they are lower quality options than other, non-wholesale options. This isn’t necessarily true. Many wholesale towels are made with high quality levels of absorbency, strength, and other key factors you demand from every towel or wiper you use.

The reason behind the discounted rates isn’t reflective of poor quality, but rather as a result of the large quantities being purchased. Many wholesalers are willing to give discounted rates on great towels on large orders. Accordingly, you have the opportunity to stock up on quality products for a reduced rate.


If you consistently restock your towel supply with non-wholesale options, you already understand just how quickly the cost of paper towels can add up. Again, wholesale towels provide a great solution. If it’s time for your business to restock, buying wholesale towels can cost your business less when compared to retail rates and quantities. If you find yourself constantly replacing hand towels or other grease and oil wipes, wholesale towels likely just became your new best friend.

Wholesale Towels from Discount Shop Towels

As a top provider of wholesale towels, Discount Shop Towels offers some of the best towels in both large and small quantities at affordable prices. If it’s time to restock on towels for your shop, keep your inventory costs low and profits high by purchasing quality wholesale towels.

You can either shop directly on our online store, or speak directly with a product specialist for more information on which products may fit your needs best.

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