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In the United States alone, 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used every year. How many paper towels are you unnecessarily using each day? How many per week, or year? Instead of taking one paper towel to dry the hands, many people often take an excess of four-five or even more. Commonly, this is not by choice, but simply a result of the way the paper towels are folded together in a basket or dispenser. When your employees, customers, or other visitors reach to grab the towel they need, several more come along with it. Likely, this means you’re burning through your supply of paper towels much more quickly than you need to be, creating unnecessary waste and costs for your business.

So, how can we work to limit the amount of paper towels we use for the benefit of our employees, our businesses, and our planet? Here’s one common rule of thumb you may not have considered. While each folding technique has its uses, businesses that switch from C-fold and multifold towels to rolled towels typically see savings of anywhere from 20-30% on their overall towel supply costs according to Green Seal. Going beyond simply preventing towels from dropping, let’s take a closer look at the ways upgrading your paper towels to rolled alternatives can impact your business for the better.

But First: What Are Roll Towels and What Benefits Do They Provide?

When we think of typical bathroom or sho

interfolded towels

p towels, interfolded towels (pictured to the right, in brown) may be the first to come to mind.

When we pull the top towel, many more can come with it because of the way the towels are so tightly intertwined. This is no good for your paper towel consumption and can be addressed with roll towel options.

Roll towels, connected to each other only by a thin perforated line, solve this problem of wastefulness. Each time someone needs a towel, they can more easily control the amount they take, resulting in reduced usage. See an example of our Centerpull Roll towel sheets to the left.

In addition to limiting the amount of paper towels used each time, roll towels typically come in much larger, longer lasting rolls. That means two-fold benefits for your business (pardon our pun).

Not only are you going to be reducing the labor expense of changing the towels, you’ll also be able to purchase much greater quantities of bulk or wholesale roll towels at discounted rates, especially when you shop from a wholesale provider like Discount Shop Towels.

What Other Tips Can I Use to Reduce My Paper Towel Consumption and Related Costs?

Switching to roll towels are just the first step. There are many other ways of limiting your paper towel consumption and costs. We’ll explore a few of our favorite below.

Sensor-Controlled Shop Towel Dispensers

Choosing the right dispensing system can make all the difference when it comes to savings. Today’s technological advancements mean programmable dispensers that give a predetermined amount of towel and create delays to ensure only the necessary amount of towel is being used. This can also help your business’ reputation as automated dispensers are considered an important upgrade.

Additionally, if replacing your dispensers isn’t an option, many multifold dispenser inserts exist that work to prevent excessive usage of multifold towels without the cost of replacing every machine in your facility.

Sticking to One Standard Supplier

Purchasing all your towel supply from one supplier can get you deals on purchases you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. For example, many providers will offer discounts on bulk or repeat orders. This benefit can also help make the ordering process significantly less complicated for you, and reduce the environmental impact caused by transporting multiple products from multiple suppliers.

Beyond roll towels, Discount Shop Towels offers a wide range of towel options for all your cleaning and drying needs which you can look over on your own time.

Monitoring Your Usage

Your towel distributor can help you keep tabs on your purchase order history so that you know what supplies are needed in a certain time frame. If these numbers suddenly change and you find yourself having to order different either more or less often than usual, it may be a sign that something’s wrong.

Discount Shop Towels – The Best Way to Save Costs on High Quality Products

Discount Shop Towels is a leading supplier of top quality, disposable bulk shop towels, industrial wipers, cotton rags, microfiber towels, and a variety of other shop related products. Our goal is to provide you with the best prices available and a secure place to shop. As a family-owned business, we are passionate about helping you maintain a clean facility.

If you’d like to talk with us more about what towels you need and what other tactics you can use to save on towel costs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We can help you set up automatic monthly shipments, find the best products for your needs, and more.

Visit our contact page, or just start a conversation with us in the chat feature in the bottom right corner of this screen. Either way, we’ll be here to help keep you clean!

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