Where to Buy Shop Towels in Bulk

Farmers, mechanics, janitorial attendants…from different places and ways of life, they share one commonality - rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty comes with the job. Just as important, however, is maintaining a clean work environment. If you’re on the hunt looking for where to buy shop towels in bulk, your search begins and ends right here!

At Discount Shop Towels, we make it easy and affordable to acquire the right products for industrial, commercial, or residential applications. We specialize in no-frills products for no-frills people because getting clean doesn’t have to be tedious work.

Where to Buy Shop Towels in Bulk

The short answer: Discount Shop Towels.

We’re a family-owned and operated leading supplier of top quality, disposable bulk shop towels, industrial wipers, cotton rags, and various other shop-related products! At DST, you can buy shop towels, wipers, and cotton rags in bulk for every mess and application.

No more wiping your hands on your work clothes or using paper towels that feel like sandpaper; wave goodbye to the frustration of constantly losing track of your rags or having to use multiple to accomplish one job. Having a bulk supply of reliable, durable towels, rags, and shop-related products will make it that much easier to keep you and your workstation clean.

Shop Our Range of High-Quality Products


Soak up water-based fluids, harsh chemicals, and thick oils in a breeze with heavy-duty absorbents. Choose from several absorbent products to quickly clean up spills and leaks around your shop.

Cloth Rags

Cloth rags are as versatile as shop equipment comes. Shop from various cloth rag products at DST for an affordable clean-up solution in your home garage, commercial auto shop, or even in food and beverage establishments.

Not only do they reduce drying time, but they also leave a pristine spot-free finish. And thanks to their reliable composition, one rag will get any job done!

Flat Sheets

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as wasting sheet after sheet trying to clean up a spill or wipe down a surface. It’s time to break up with rough, scratchy paper that doesn’t absorb a single drop of liquid!

DST believes in sheets that actually work. Shop from a variety of flat sheets that clean up messes with just one sheet and wipe down mirrors and other glossy surfaces with ease.


Everybody loves a good, soft microfiber towel for a variety of purposes. With DST, you can shop for them in bulk. Choose from ultra-soft microfibers that lift dirt from vulnerable surfaces. If they’re getting a bit dirty and worn, pop them in the washing machine multiple times, and they’re as good as new!

Roll Towels

Do you wish to reduce maintenance time and fewer runouts with your perforated roll towels? Wouldn’t it be nice to find something with maximum absorbency, plush softness, and versatility for general-purpose applications? We thought so too— that’s why we carry only the best roll towels for you!

DST’s Unmatched Services & Customer Experience

Now that you’ve seen a glimpse at the many products we offer for industrial and residential applications, let’s seal the deal on being your go-to shop when considering where to buy shop towels in bulk.

Family-Owned & Operated

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the struggles firsthand. With our attention to detail and our genuine care for our customers and the work they do, we’re able to provide excellent products at great prices because we just get it.

Monthly Auto-Ship

Ordering just got a whole lot easier. DST offers a monthly auto-ship to your business or home, so you don’t have to worry about dropping what you’re doing just to take inventory of items. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run. We got your back.

Rhino Affiliate Club

Are you a social media whiz? Is business booming? That’s what we thought! Become a member of the Rhino Affiliate Club and get paid when others shop.

Our Rhino Affiliate Program has an awesome range of benefits, like earning a 10% commission on total referral sales when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link (which you’ll share on social media platforms) or if they use your coupon code in our store. Makin’ the moolah is as simple as it is to buy shop towels in bulk.

With our combination of products and services, we’re confident you’ll achieve (and maintain) cleanliness in and around your workspace.

Contact us today if you’re ready to buy shop towels in bulk or if you’re interested in learning more about our products and services highlighted above!

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