Lint Free Towels for Safe, Smooth Cleaning

When cleaning glass, mirrors, automobiles, electronics, and more, you want a smooth clean finish from a rag you can trust to protect the surfaces you’re wiping. Unfortunately, many traditional rags leave behind some sort of lint or small fibers that detach from the surface of cloth or yarn.

While soft towels are the go-to option for many industries where “clean wiping” is needed, softer towels typically produce more lint. How can we overcome this obstacle for a more professional looking finish and little damage to surfaces?

There are many ultra-soft, super absorbent options of lint free towels that deliver the high-performance power you need. Here, we’ll explain additional benefits of lint free towels, why they may be the best option for your needs, and which products we recommend.

What Exactly is Lint and Why Should I look for Alternatives?

When using traditional towels or wipes, small bits of fabric fibers will break off and collect to create what we know as lint. While it may seem harmless, that lint can actually cause quite a bit of damage. In fact, lint is the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires, causing $35 million in property loss annually.

While you probably won’t make enough lint to start fires in your facility just from using towels, it can cause minute scratches on polished finishes and even damage electronics. Finding a lint free towel solution is important not only for the professionalism of your business, but also for the safety of the equipment you work on and with.

Cleaning with Lint Free Rags & Towels: The Benefits

Lint free towels come with many additional advantages, including increased absorbency, quick drying times, and reduced maintenance needs. 

Increased Absorbency

Lint free towels typically have longer loops of fabric and wide surfaces, making them extremely absorbent when compared to other options. You’ll need less rags (and less time) to get the same jobs done. That alone is enough to get anyone excited about lint free towels, especially if you’re looking to increase the efficiency of your shop.

Quick Drying Times

Because lint free towels are also usually much thicker, they tend to dry off very quickly, ready to use again and again — far before traditional towels and wipers.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

Leaving nothing behind, lint free towels also reduce the amount of time you will have to dedicate to maintenance, not only of your rags, but also of the equipment and products you use them on. When you combine all these advantages together, it makes you wonder why you were ever NOT using lint free towels.

Lint Free Towels We Recommend

Discount Shop Towels has many available options of high-quality lint free towels. Here are some of our favorites:



We also have several lint free reject roll options available upon request.

If you would like more information on any of our available lint-free products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We are here to help you keep things clean, and lint free.

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