Cheap Shop Rags and Supplies: The 5 Best Options for Your Shop

You’re no stranger to getting your hands dirty. Whether you’re a mechanic, painter, farmer, or just a hard worker in any industry, getting dirty is a part of the job. But at Discount Shop Towels, we believe that getting clean should be just as easy (and affordable) as getting dirty. So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of staying clean with the top 5 cheap shop rags and supplies you’ll want to have in your shop.  

Cheap Shop Rags and Supplies to Have in Your Shop

  1. DRC Center-pull Roll Towel

Number one on our list also happens to be one of the most versatile. Custom made, the super soft DRC center-pull roll towel’s provides a cloth-like feel with excellent strength.

The DRC towel’s material is also a powerful liquid absorber that can stand up to even the toughest, wettest jobs. Also, it’s ideal for withstanding most harsh chemicals and solvents too! But, even though these towels are tough, they do have a soft side. Leaving little to no lint residue, DRC center-pull roll towels are commonly and effectively used as a dairy towel, helping to remove bacteria to keep the udder and teats clean and infection free with a gentle touch.

As a result, you can be sure that these are truly the hardest working towels you’ll ever come across, making them the perfect match for you and your team.

Specially made without a core, these multi-use rolls are multi-purpose, working as a center-pull towel dispenser or when left free-standing. Each sheet measures 10” x 10” with 525 sheets per roll. Each roll diameter measures 9.5” and weighs 4.7 pounds. 4 rolls/case.

  1. Airlaid Flat Pack Wipers

Heavy-duty jobs require heavy duty products, and nothing beats the disposable Airlaid flat pack wipers. Each case has over 2,500 sheets with a flat, matte texture, perfect for scrubbing and cleaning without falling apart.

Absorbent and thick (100gsm), this industrial grade wiper is an excellent alternative to costly name brand wipers or a towel service. They are designed to work on all oil-based products, fluids, grease, and solvents. Made in the USA, they are also strong enough to withstand chemicals and solvents, even when wet.

Available in white and blue colors, and two sizes: Large (12x15) and Small (8x10).

  1. Mechanic Rags

Mechanic rags are something every mechanic relies on. Great for removing oil, grease, and lubricants, they are designed to be soft enough to protect auto paint while wiping away dirt. If doing industrial laundry isn’t your favorite, you’re in luck. These rags are great for a single use and can be thrown away right after.

Available in red, white, or blue cotton, mechanic rags measure approximately 12” x 12”. Multiple size packages are available upon request.

  1. Hard-wound Roll Towels

The products you use on your hands are just as important as the ones you use for your work. The hard-wound roll towels are popular for use in restroom towel dispensers and will fit just about any universal towel dispenser that can hold an 8-inch-wide roll.

Each case contains 6 rolls in total. Available colors are brown, white, or TAD Premium White.

  1. Jumbo Bath Tissue Rolls

Remember just a few short months ago when you couldn’t get toilet paper anywhere? Yeah, you don’t want that disaster to happen again, and we have just the solution. These jumbo bath tissue rolls are 2-ply, thick enough to deliver the quality you want. Each case contains 12 rolls with 1,000 feet per roll, meaning you’ll have plenty of stock to outlast any global pandemic. Each 9-inch diameter roll fits all universal style dispensers and comes in both economy and premium quality.

Shop for Towels and Rags at Discount Shop Towels

So, there you have it! Our top 5 cheap shop rag options compiled for your convenience. If you have any questions or want to see what other products are out there, our team at Discount Shop Towels is always here for you.

Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find the ideal rag/towel solution for you and your shop.

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